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Are you ready to expand your artistic repertoire and take your skills to the next level?

The next level of fashion jewellery techniques focusses on Intricate Wire-Weaving styles. You'll be able to create jewellery that is delicate yet impressive, with techniques that are as refined as they are therapeutic to practise.

Course outline

Professional Flat Weaving Techniques

Professional Flat Weaving Techniques

A popular weaving style that allows you to create comfortable, flexible patterns. You'll learn to use strong materials (e.g., steel wire) which will never degrade or break. These materials provide you with professional alternatives to the low quality elastic cord that is used in many improperly manufactured jewellery. You can explore hundreds of colour and pattern combinations with this technique.
Professional Fancy Weaving Techniques

Professional Fancy Weaving Techniques

Light and airy, this style has a Celtic flair that is much loved by those who appreciate a delicate look and feel. Despite the initial challenge of mastering this technique, fancy weaving quickly becomes a joy for the jewellery artist to practise, and a beautiful piece for the recipient to wear. By using a variety of materials in different combinations, the creative possibilities for this technique are endless.
3-Dimensional Weaving

3-Dimensional Weaving

Advanced weaving techniques let you go beyond flat designs to produce stunning three-dimensional creations. These techniques are used not only for jewellery, but also for fashion accessories for handbags, cell phones, dress and shoe straps and much more. Although challenging at first, the versatility of this syle is sure to expand your creative options.
Wire Crochet for Jewellery

Wire Crochet for Jewellery

Experiment with Wire Crochet using traditional single and double stitching techniques, as well as chain and slip-stitch patterns. Learn to eliminate kinks and weave beads in for dramatic effects. Discover a beautiful style that has been gaining in popularity throughout the years.

Duration & Training Modes

Duration & Training Mode

Duration: 3-5 weeks

Mode: Blended or e-Learning

All important theory and practical demonstrationst will now be delivered through asynchronous (self-paced) online learning. This means that students go through most of the learning at their own pace and convenience via a comprehensive series of online videos and attend live interaction sessions (physical or online) afterwards to receive maximum support and guidance under expert instructors to reinforce the learning of key skills and concepts. For more information on different training modes, click here .

JDMIS also has flexible make-up schedules and graduates can return for free for refresher courses (subjected to availability).

Course Instructors

  • Sujata fashion jewellery instructor

    Sujata Rai Chowdhury

    Sujata is an experienced teacher and fashion jewellery artist specializing in thread and wire jewellery fabrication techniques. Moving to Singapore, she used the opportunity to enrolled into JDMIS and after graduation, she soon became a recognized jewellery artist with her own brand name, Mila Read More
  • Picture of fashion jewellery instructor Sharon  Tan at JDMIS

    Sharon Tan

    Sharon Tan was previously a seasoned marketer and accomplished figure skating coach. Her unique blend of skills, creative passion, and teaching acumen enables her to effectively impart complex jewellery techniques to her students and inspire them to greater heights and success even beyond the classroom. Read More
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Hear from our graduates:

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    High quality jewellery school that provides holistic solution for jewellery entrepreneurs... The video recordings for the lessons provide clear instruction and valuable tips.

    - Li Hoon C. (Singapore).

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    A wonderful school with professional teachers, good techniques were taught. Lots of hands-on projects which help us to be better in our work. My favourite are flat weaving, fancy weaving and chainmaille as there are no limits in designing.

    - Winifred S. (Singapore)

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    I enjoyed the weaving part, something new and different. Haven't tried it before.

    - Alethea T. (Singapore)

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    My favourite is fancy weaving because its something unusual and nice. I will create my own designs and I give them as presents to my friends.

    - Nikoletta M.

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    The skills I learnt helped alot in my making and design of products... I have upgraded my skills in jewellery making and can introduce more techniques and styles in my products to sell.

    - Lee Leng N. (Singapore).

Course Fee:

With SkillsFuture Funding up to 70%!

Use our easy calculator below to estimate your payable for each training type after using any government funding and SkillsFuture Credits:

What is the method of training you would like to price?
Find out more about the different methods of training at JDMIS here: https://jdmis.edu.sg/training-modes.html

What is your residence status in Singapore?

Will your employer be sponsoring your training?

Estimated Fee Payable
Singaporeans and PRs are eligible for up-to-70% funding for tuition fees. This is an estimate of total course fees payable after SkillsFuture Funding. It is based on the accuracy of information you provided. All grants/SFC payments are subject to SSG approval.

Price represents total course fee payable and is inclusive of tuition, course materials, and GST. SFC claims must be made to SSG 3 days in advance of course start date. Please note SSG grants are only applicable to eligible learners over 25 years of age.

JDMS accepts all major payment methods for payment of jewellery coursesJDMIS accepts Grab Paylater, Atome, and Shopback PaylaterJDMIS accepts all major payment methods, including multiple installment plan services that will allow you to spread your payments in multiple interest-free installments.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between Blended Learning and e-Learning Modes of Study +

    The Blended Learning is a new option where less physical attendance is required to complete the course. The majority of your learning will take place through structured asynchronous (self-study) learning on our online platform. Once you have completed the required online lessons, you will attend scheduled classroom sessions at JDMIS’ campus (in Singapore) where core techniques and knowledge are reinforced under the guidance of our expert instructors.

    Similar to the Blended Learning, participants of the e-Learning Course will go through self-directed and self-paced learning through our structured online course. After completing the required self-study, participants will attend scheduled live online sessions with an expert instructor and a small group of other online learners.

    In general, the total duration of e-Learning courses is slightly shorter than their blended-learning counterparts due to the absence of physical class attendance. This makes the e-learning courses more affordable, and also a suitable choice for individuals who do not have the option of joining us at the JDMIS Singapore campus.

    For more detailed explanation on the Blended Learning and e-Learning, please visit our Training Mode explainer page.

  • How will the schedules work? +

    Most of your jewellery training will be delivered through HD-quality recordings that you can view at your own pace and convenience. Live session with the instructor (physical for Blended, and online for eLearning) will be scheduled in between or near the end of the course to reinforce your mastery of key concepts.

  • What if I have questions during self-study? +

    The learners from each course will receive access to an exclusive WhatsApp Group where you can get feedback from instructors and engage in discussions with your fellow students. You can also raise your questions during the live lessons with the instructors.

  • How much time do I need to study a week? +

    As most of the course is self-paced, you conduct your study at your own pace that suits your learning style. but the general recommended duration is 1-2 days a week.
  • Are the tools & materials included? If not, how much do I need to pay? +

    The cost of tools and materials is already included in the course fee. All students will receive the same tool kit that they will need to complete their course efficiently. For Singaporean and PRs, the amount will be invoiced and paid separately because tools & materials fees are not covered by SSG funding. Overseas students doing the online only/e-Learning option are eligible to opt out of purchasing the toolkit by letting our registrar know at the time of your registration.

  • How will my assignment be graded and what do I need to pass? +

    You are responsible for completing the online lessons before attending the live sessions with JDMIS instructors. Each course has several milestone assignments which you need to complete and submit by specified deadlines in order for your instructors to review and provide feedback.

    In order for your instructors to review your assignments and provide feedback, you need to take photos/scans of your completed work (design or jewellery piece) and submit them onto the JDMIS online assessment portal.

    You need to obtain an average mark of 60% or higher to pass the course and receive your Certificate of Completion.

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