Start your own jewellery business with JDMIS jewelry entrepreneurship courses

Many jewellery artists master the skills to produce quality jewellery and then look for avenues to turn their mastery into profit. JDMIS' jewellery entreprenurship programme provides guidance on the process for setting up your own jewellery business and the pitfalls new entrepreneurs face.

Learn the basics of marketing in order to identify your target market with JDMIS' Traditional and New Media Marketing Business course

Marketing is critical to the success of any business. Begin with brand positioning and customer analysis to determine the product and place you will sell. Price your designs effectively and develop an identity and promotional plans for traditional and new-media channels.

JDMIS' Jewellery merchandising course teaches how to maximise sales with traditional and modern techniques

Combine traditional visual merchandising concepts that apply to physical storefronts with modern behavioural economics tips to maximise catalogue & internet sales. Develop strategies to assist in attracting customers and conveying value.

JDMIS' Retail management course teaches the importance of knowing how to operate a jewellery store

First-time retailers and existing store-owners alike will appreciate the best practices and cost effective uses of new technologies. This certificate program encompasses retail store management,staffing, security and inventory management.

Become the hiring manager that has been waiting for your job application - then craft a clear, compelling summary of your passions, expertise and experience that will land you the job you want in the jewellery industry.

Learn to tips and tricks to produce stunning photos with JDMIS' photography course

Master lighting, camera settings and display tricks needed to highlight the very best of your jewellery designs. Apply software adjustments professionals use to improve any photo.

JDMIS' Website design and management course to create an effective web page for sales and marketing

Using cost effective web based tools, identify information your customers' need and elements that will engage them to produce a simple yet effective portfolio or e-commerce enabled website for the web and mobile.



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