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Knowledge of Gemmology and the latest trade practices is essential for every aspiring gem enthusiast, dealer, and collector. Not only can you make better-informed decisions but also avoid overpaying when purchasing various gemstones. Learn in-depth about the classification of gemstones, factors affecting the value of the coloured gems, natural versus synthetic gemstones, saltwater versus freshwater cultured pearls, important phenomenal gems, jade and jade imitations... all within 2-4 weeks.

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  • Tanja Sadow

    Tanja Sadow

    Tanja is an award winning jewellery designer & gemmologist with more than 4 decades of experience educating the jewellery industry across 4 continents. Dean and founder of JDMIS, Tanja works with aspiring artisans as well as top jewellery brand team members to help them achieve brilliance in their careers. Read More
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Who can say it better than our past graduates?

  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    A very good learning experience. Lots of practical application. Great instructor who is very experienced and able to communicate concepts effectively.

    - Su Ean H. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Fantastic and very professional. Small class size and great teacher. They cover a lot of things and the online courses were easy to grasp and fun. The assessment was necessarily difficult and very helpful for remembering. One of the best courses I have taken.

    - Fuling S. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    It has been an incredibly rewarding experience to be part of this class. The training materials are very comprehensive and the effort that has gone into producing them deserves a huge compliment. Being able to touch, feel and assess the gems in class with classmates has made the lessons truly come to life. Tanja deserves nothing less than the utmost compliments I can give to a trainer, hands down the best trainer I’ve encountered in any SkillsFuture course to date.

    - Pamela P. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    It is an excellent course to attend for those who enjoy gemstones, diamonds, jade as well as phenomenal gems. It can be very useful in buying gemstones and how to read and understand gem and diamond certificates.

    - Julia N. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Informative course! Please attend if you have keen interest in gems and diamonds! I collect crystals and make bracelets so going through this course helps me in my purchase of the materials!

    - Cindy W. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    I'm thinking of going into jewellery business. So this gives me a good foundation, especially in buying jewellery. Interesting stories shared (by the instructor) will give you better understanding and what to look out for when you buy a piece of jewellery.

    - Ericka T. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    This is such a Great course with very solid content knowledge to be acquired! I can talk to my husband about the gems and Jade now as he is a huge fan of these gemstones.

    - Panpan G. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    It was a wonderful course and I have learned a lot, this is definitely a good start to the world of gemology. My family members are avid gem collectors and the knowledge I gained would come in handy during our gem hunt.

    - Ee K. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    This will be useful for my e-commerce store.

    - Fannie T. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    I only wish we had more time to look, see and feel more samples of the gems. Otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It gives me an impetus to learn more about this industry and what it has to offer.

    - Claudia G. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Highly recommended! It's good to have time set aside in the week to properly digest the videos. It contains the broadest scope of coverage - appropriate given the current consumer interest.

    - Joanne O. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    I definitely like this training with good and useful knowledge learnt. It will be good if we have more time to practice during the class... Thank you very much for the training and SkillFuture claimable is also an helpful factor. Thank you.

    - Emily P. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    As a gem dealer, this (course) was brilliant.

    - Mohamed N. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    JDMIS is truly awesome. Worth any time and money you invested in. Regardless of whether you are in the jewellery trade or not this is good knowledge.

    - Imran A. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    I love the way Tanja teach! The class were never bored as she fills the lessons with examples and stories related to the topic of the lessons.

    - Louis L.(Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Love the history, story and trade sharing by Tanja... Very insightful learning!

    - Eileen L. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Loving the gem course and Tanja is always very informative... It's engaging and full of new information

    - Faizal S. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    The curriculum is more than what I expected. I felt engaged throughout the 5 days of lessons. Tanja brought so much industry experience to share. I would recommend this course to all gemstone lovers and those who appreciate the beauty of nature.

    - Eva W. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Tanja is amazing, professional and really experiece and patient with all of us.

    - Scott P. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Great instructor, great course materials and fun environment... I really learn a lot from this course and really love it. I can identify my gemstones better.

    - Su Myat T.


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Overall, the course was very well planned, course materials were excellent and the instructor was marvellous. I cannot think of a single complaint and I would highly recommend this course to friends who would be interested to know more about the Jewellery and Gem trade. Keep up the good work!

    - Raymond K.


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Lovely environment, super stimulation course content, fantastic and really experienced lecturer, absolutely loved the whole course.

    - Claren C. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Tanja is exceptional in her lectures. She is very well equipped in both industry experience and theoretical applications which help in further understanding the course material. Tanja's strong passion is evident in her delivery of the course materials to the students, and has made the course extremely enjoyable.

    - Shaun F. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    Everything the trainer has done for the course is superb. Miss Tanja is a very knowledgeable trainer. Learned so much from her in this course. Thank you.

    - Anthony A. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    It's always a pleasure to have Tanja teach a class as she is an encyclopedia of knowledge... I will use what I have learned in my own jewellery designs and gemmological knowledge.

    - Margaret P. (Singapore)


  • Diamond - Pyramid Shape

    In a short but intense period, I felt that I learnt a lot of tips that would help me with sourcing for gems, especially tell tale signs of imitations.

    - Geraldine H. (Singapore)


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