Kajal Naina - Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design

Bespoke & Fine Jewellery Designer Awardee

Going back to her passion and heritage with Jewellery

Most average consumers would see jewellery in terms of intrinsic value and appearance. For Kajal, however, the beauty of jewellery goes much deeper, drawing inspiration from her Nepalese heritage. When she sees, touches, and wears gold, for example, she connects her past, present and her future because gold is such a big part of Nepalese culture and her childhood memory. One may be surprised that Kajal did not consider a career in jewellery in her early years.Even for Kajal herself, she had not foreseen the power of her love for jewellery which eventually made her choose a different career path.  

In her earlier years, Kajal studied and practised dentistry for ten years before realising her passion for jewellery has never diminished. To pursue what she loves in life and determined to fulfil her dreams, she held high hopes for herself to become a fully qualified jewellery artisan. Considering her options and her ambition, she chose to enrol at one of the most established jewellery schools in Asia, JDMIS. It was no turning back for her since.

One step at a time

The curriculum from JDMIS provided a strong foundation for Kajal. She graduated with skills in Metalsmithing and Metal Clay, along with two Diplomas in Fine Jewellery Design and Fashion Jewellery Arts which led to her winning multiple competitions worldwide in the last few years.

Through her dedicated learning, she was able to map out a path to succeed in exactly what she wants to do in the jewellery industry. in 2017, she established her jewellery brand under her name, Kajal Naina Fine Jewellery, as an outlet for her creativity and passion.

Finally found her calling

With her brand, Kajal Naina Fine Jewellery, she found her calling. She truly believes that her jewellery can bring happiness to people's lives. Kajal Naina Fine Jewellery is committed to show and represent the identity of her clients. It is an expression of themselves, their ideals and beliefs. The bespoke pieces of jewellery she creates for her customers reflect their narratives and her commercial lines are created to fit their life stories and the styles that connect them to the wearer. For every piece of jewellery created by Kajal, her wish is to reflect the hopes and dreams of her customers, and make their heirlooms beloved and treasured for generations.


Sometimes, her clients approach her with the idea of trying to recreate a nostalgic jewellery piece from their childhood or wanting to create a unique and personalized jewel for a special event. With these bespoke projects, she spends time on detailed consultations to make sure she has all their requirements in terms of design, workmanship and budget. Requests for jewellery customisation is not the only way to have a unique and personalized experience, with Kajal’s advice and recommendations she can assist them in finding meaning in the jewellery they select, making it something uniquely theirs.

Kajal graduated with skills in Metalsmithing and Metal Clay, along with two Diplomas in Fine Jewellery Design and Fashion Jewellery Arts. Discover more about Kajal's designs and achievements via her own website at kajalnaina.com and Creative Jewellery Studio.

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