Cathy Que Liping - Jewellery Designer
Digital Fine Jewellery Designer

The concurrent pursuit of dual passions

For Cathy, starting a jewellery side-line business and winning consecutive jewellery design awards did not happen by chance or luck. Many of us are content with a steady job and a happy family, but for Cathy, she is pursuing not one but two passions simultaneously: gaming and jewellery. Find out how she is turning these big dreams into reality. What started as a casual gemstone collecting hobby has now become a unique game jewellery studio.  

In Cathy’s earlier years, her interests and career goals lay in the global game industry. She used to play trending online games for four to five hours a day and used this experience and enthusiasm to become involved in the video game industry. She co-founded her company YDY CG along with her partners that specialize in art, design and production for game developers.

A simple beginning

In games, Cathy experienced the thrill and the power of gems and rare items which allowed her to upgrade character’s combat ability or exchange for in-game currencies. Naturally, seeing coloured gems in real life fascinated Cathy with their multitude of colours, properties and values. Moreover, these valuable gems had interesting investment prospects motivated Cathy to start a hobby to grow her collections.

As her collection grew, she wanted to deepen her knowledge on gemstones and add value to these unique specimens through similarly unique jewellery design and creation. After intensive research and consideration, she enrolled in JDMIS Fine Jewellery Design courses and later Digital Jewellery Design courses to learn how to design jewellery.

Initially, her intention was to make game jewellery pieces for herself using the gemstones in her collection. As she gained insights about the jewellery industry, she changed her focus to produce game-inspired jewellery for other gamers. Her jewellery designs are inspired by the elements in popular online games, allowing avid gamers to have a physical connection to their favourite characters and virtual environments in the real world. These jewellery pieces that would truly resonate with their online interests and guarantee talking points! With that vision in mind, she established Vector Gems Tech Pte. Ltd, as an extension of her game design business.

abyss shadow pendant-min
dragon cutlass earrings-min

Game on!

“My aspiration is to create resonating designs for gamers worldwide, to bridge the gap between the virtual world and reality through wearable jewellery” - Cathy Que

After completing her JDMIS courses, Cathy participated in and won Muse Awards for two consecutive years, in 2019 and 2020. Cathy and her team at Vector Gems plan to achieve at least one award every year from participating in various international design competitions.

Today, Cathy’s primary focus lies in increasing her jewellery business’s brand exposure. She has been working with game developers and publishers for more collaborations and market reach for her designs. In fact, she has obtained several high-profile projects (complete with secretive NDAs) with developers of some of the world most popular online multiplayer mages. Cathy’s journey has required serious investment of time and money to establish a new genre of jewellery as well as a strong brand and design style, but she strongly believes in doing whatever it takes to get her passion and business off the ground!

“Your passion will come naturally and when it comes, you need to take steps to fulfil it” - Cathy Que

We can’t wait to see what exciting projects Cathy has on the horizon and are so proud to see the success and satisfaction she has achieved!

Cathy graduated from JDMIS Fine Jewellery Design courses and Digital Jewellery Design courses. For more information on her jewellery business, visit

Some of Cathy's past work:

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