The JDMIS prides itself on providing inspirational, state-of-the-art of facilities to facilitate student excellence.

The JDMIS facilities consist of seven dedicated classrooms, a large student lounge/resource area, administrative facilities and a specialized retail area for students to practice their merchandising and sell their pieces. All are located in a spacious 5300 square foot newly renovated space inside the MDIS Unicampus at Stirling Road.

Small numbers of full- and part-time certificate and diploma students make use of our spacious and well-lit facilities with an exceptional student to teacher ratio of under 12-1. In addition to this conducive setting, our classrooms include many additional tools and equipment and inspirational materials needed for the budding jewellery designer of fabrication expert to grow; equipment such as a large, multi-purpose high-temperature kiln, rolling mill, wire drawing station, torches, drills, magnetic and rotary finishers, flex-shafts, polishing and plating equipment, hydraulic press, and many, many other tools of the trade. Computer aided design students avail of a state-of-the-art CAD lab by Lenovo and Industry leader GemVision. Design and fabrication students make use of some of the latest AV technology in demonstrations to enhance learning and comprehension. Industry members who want to glimpse the future of jewellery maufacturing look to the UCT-JDMIS Jewellery Manufacturing Technology Laboratory which contains 3D printing equipment, induction casting equipment, burnout furnace, wax investment mixer and other industrial equipment used by the most modern jewellery factories.

01 JDMIS Exterior
02 JDMIS Reception from Outside
03 The Amber Room - used for Jewellery Design and Thread and Wire Fabrication
04 JDMIS Diamond Room - with over 1200 Gem and jewellery exhibits
05 The Jade Room - Used for Metalsmithing and Metal Clay Fabrication
06 The Amethyst Room - With state-of-the-art computers and jewellery CAD software
07 JDMIS Library and Dynamic Student Area, for presentations, talks, and use as a student lounge
08 Outsite JDMIS in Shaw Towers